I’m Anna, owner and lead organizer of In Line Organizing.  I started this business as a way to help others find the simplicity and ease of daily routines inside their homes and offices by clearing the chaos and setting up systems.

I love an organized space, but I will never expect a spotless, tidy home 24/7, mine included. After all, we do live there. To me, organization does not mean always tidy, it means easily tidied.

Simply put, organization is meant
to make your life easier.

I am not a minimalist by nature, but I admire those who are and strive to one day tie less sentimental attachment to each and every one of my belongings. Until then, rest assured I’m not the organizer who will show up at your home pressuring you to throw out all of your things.

As a mom of two beautifully wild boys, I see the value now more than ever in having systems and processes in place that keep my home functioning with ease. I don’t strive for perfection but always aim to make life a little sweeter by making my space work with me. I want to offer that service to others who may not have the time, inclination, or expertise to do it themselves. Thank you for considering me and In Line to help you organize your space.